Monday, October 30, 2006

Spooks is a great example of BBC bias

This week its those evil Christian Terrorists. Last week it was Mossad pretending to be terrorists.

Its the strange planet that the BBC lives on !

(If your not in the UK Spooks is a TV series about MI5 - the script for which appears to be written by readers of the Guardian.)

I'm of to watch Vox Politix when I get the laptop fired up - this is from the old PDA.

Update: Wonkotsane points out, in comments, that Islamic terrorist plot lines have feature more heavily through the series. I'm not a avid fan of Spooks - so stand corrected.


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho, they even managed to work Mossad into this "all Christians are dangerous nutters" episode. Stll the blonde Nazi girl kicked hell out of the wimpy Jews and saved the day. Dreadful anti-semitic rubbish from the BBC.

wonkotsane said...

It's muslim terrorists nearly every week, put the episode into context!

Man in a Shed said...

I have to admit to not seeing every episode. The last one I watched had MI6 staging a coup. Maybe I just look in at bad times.

Has there been a left wing plot to subvert the people by allowing mass voter fraud and making it difficult for memebers of the armed forces to vote and removing overseas voters ( who mostly vote Tory ) - whilst allowing foriegn citizens of Ireland to continue to vote ( mostly for Labour) yet ? ( Or am I thinking of real life. )

wonkotsane said...

Only in real life so far but Spooks do cover a lot of topics.

So far this series there has been one episode that demonises English nationalists, one that had an MI6 plot to overthrow the government and one (last night) with Christian fundamentalists declaring war on Islam. I think there have been 7 episodes so far this series and the other 4 were muslim storylines. To be fair to them, the 3 non-muslim storylines were perfectly (scarily) believable.

Mossad has been featured twice this series - the first time they staged a fake muslim terrorist plot (how many of these happen in real life? A lot I would guess) and last night they were set up by a rogue civil servant.

They should be congratulated for having the balls to have these types of storylines in the first place rather than the government-sanctioned "terrorists are just misunderstood" plots.