Friday, August 18, 2006

Iain Dale vs MPAC man - first reactions

Just seen Iain Dale and a fellow from MPAC (sorry I have never heard of his name before and have no idea how to spell it - and I've checked over MPAC's web site to see if it helps ) interviewed by More 4 news on the Lefty Lexicon issue.

I thought the MPAC guy was well prepared. (Perhaps had been reading Iain's Blog before turning up.) His analysis of the statement about Palestinians, and the concession that if the statement had been 'some' Palestinians then it would not be racist was a good point. He also made good use of the issue over Labour being accused of anti-semitism with their pig posters with Michael Howard.

Iain, and the interviewer tried to get it back onto freedom of speech - but the change of tack didn't work.

Iain didn't get trounced, but the MPAC guy has to be fairly happy with the outcome. He got his point across clearly, I'm afraid Iain's was less well heard.

I think Iain would have done better on witch-hunts and bringing up the issue of MPAC's campaign against Stuart Ware of panorama. That would have exposed them a bit more.

But thanks Iain for standing in for internet freedom of speech. If you want to know why its important nip over to the MPAC web site to find out.

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