Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in a while

Gone on Holiday back in a few weeks. So any comments won't be moderated till I get back unless they are sent on the first half of Sat 19th Aug. (Might blog via my mobile - but it'll be txt stuff - so perhaps I won't ).


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite books when I was a teenager was also The Forever War. My opinion of humanity has not improved much since then.

Ellee Seymour said...

A trip of a few weeks suggests a long haul destination, hope you had a good time and, like me, you will have to work furiously hard to let everyone know you are back. I have changed sites too and have a new domain:

Man in a Shed said...

forty_two: I read the Forever War as a teenager too. I read Forever Free a few months ago. It didn't really match the first book - thought its odd taking up the story again after 20 years +. I won't put a spoiler on the plot - but I think the story perhaps says more about Joe Haldeman than the world he has created.

Man in a Shed said...

Hi Elle - It was Scotland. But its a long hall in a car with a young family. ( When is anyone going to sort out the M6 between Birmingham and Manchester - I blame John Prescott for this each time I'm stuck there ).

Strangely enough I had conversations with two friends ( one a software salesman and the other a Highlands and Islands development exec ) that made me think of your business as neither of them knew what blogs were or why they could be important. I tried to explain, but just could see eyes glazing over.

Perhaps you should move your PR business to Scotland - they could certainly do with your help !

On the site thing I'm surprise to see a continuing number of hits over time - despite no entries.

(I've updated my link to your new site - before heading of on holiday. By the way I think the small blogger icon of you holding the yellow file should make the transition to the new sight as it conveys a business, but friendly image all in one. )