Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why care about Lebanon, but not Darfur or Iraq ?

The full worked up rage against attacks on 'muslim' Lebanon is now in full swing in the UK. Each of the self appointed muslim pressure groups is now getting on TV/radio to in effect suggest unless something changes then more young muslim men will become radicalised. ( We know what they mean by that ! ).

But hold on a minute - where are all the protests about Darfur ? Surely its not because the victims are black (and muslim) ? Or is because the perpetrators are muslims supported by a fundamentalist Islamic State ?

Perhaps I'm being unfair and the media just hasn't reported the marches in Trafalgar square etc. (Post a comment if you know better than me, please).

But what I suspect this shows is more wounded pride - in a non-Muslim state defeating arab countries in battle over the last 50 years so often- being the cause of the unrest over the multi religious country of Lebanon.

As I've said before what's happening in Lebanon is shocking and I wish it would stop. Hezbollah could stop it today - why won't they ? Of course so could Israel and the same question needs to be asked of them.

But I find the attitude of the muslim pressure groups in the UK lacks compassion in proportion to the suffering of their own co-religionists. ( Anyone for a protest about the grotesque slaughter of Iraqis in the name of sectarian supremacy ? No I didn't think so.)


UN condemns Sudanese army attack in Darfur - like that will make any difference. Perhaps if the world's or Britain's muslims protested it might make a difference with the Sudanese government. It would at least make them consistent.

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