Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Key workers' need variable pay deals across the country

Today the BBC reports on a survey by the Halifax building society which apparently shows how hard it is for 'key workers' ( who isn't key ? People who do the job, or the people who raise the taxes to pay for them ? ) to get houses.

There have been a lot of half baked schemes (copyright Ken Liviningston, Major of London) to help these people to get property.

What they need is - more pay. Is very obvious so why doesn't NuLabour just say it ? Well I suspect the answer is that its not just more pay, but local pay that's necessary. Someone living in Cornwall where house prices have risen so much should be paid more for the same job than someone in Hull. Its the only answer that makes real sense and treats people with dignity ( tied houses etc are almost a form of slavery ).

Why doesn't it happen - answer: The public sector unions and this weak and failing NuLabour government.

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