Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swift boat veterans for Prescott !

Nick Robinson has taken a little sideways swipe at the Blogsphere here. He's presenting a basic analysis of the situation, but goes on to talk about blogs and unsubstantiated accusations - can't think of who he's referring to :-).

He's almost tetchy on the subject of bloggers as journalists -

"Incidentally, this is another example of some blogs trying to make the political weather. First, they demand to know why the mainstream media - and, in particular, the BBC - are not covering an alleged "scandal". Then they report unsubstantiated allegations which have been denied by those involved, which some newspapers then report as second hand news.

Let's be clear. This isn't because they are better journalists, free from censorship. They often have a political agenda. This is a political phenomenon copied from the United States where the Swift Boat Veterans were used to damage John Kerry."

Well Duh - of course we have a political agenda - that's often why we do it. The problem comes when people like the BBC try to claim they don't have an agenda.

I'm a great fan of Iain Dale's blog ( mentioned by Nick as an example of a Blog trying to make the political weather) also - and since I have a fair idea of his political position its easier to analyse what he says.

However, in un-bloglike fairness, I have a fair amount of respect for the BBC political journalists. They often report the mechanism and process of politics and the politics about politics well. ( Nick is good - Andy Marr was brilliant, but gave up. ) The problem most of us have is with the editors and issue journalism which has, to many of us, institutional left wing bias.

In short I'm reassured I don't have to get all my news through the mainstream media. I'm believe I'm freer as a result and the wide spread mind control of spin through the mainstream professional media has its counter balance. And I'll keep reading Nick's stuff.


Perhaps this comment in the Indie may explain the tetchy side of things ..... credit to Wordblog for pointing this out.

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