Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Prescott and Newsnight - Paxman and Dale

Looks like has got hold of documents to show he took a keen interest in a casino at the dome site.

He's just decided to declare his stay with the American Billionaire - after investigations have started. The usual NuLabour spin on nothing wrong here.

Newsnight are now making the case for the interest Prescott's department took in the casino at the dome.

Interesting to see what the papers make of this tomorrow. Martha is on now ( keeping Nick Robinson away from Iain Dale today perhaps . )

Have to look over all this tomorrow myself - looks like Prescott is Toast to me. Martha Kearney is making the case that Prescott is being supported by NuLabour to prevent a deputy leadership contest now.

Here comes the Blog bit - Iain Dale interview on now. Jeremy Paxman is going for the how do you know ... Paxman returning to the who knows line. Iain's countering with journalists knew - just didn't decide to tell anyone. Iain's holding his own, but Paxman is now accusing him of doing the dirty work of Conservative central office. Bloggers aren't flavour of the month at the BBC just now. Iain's done okay but looks a little uncomfortable - especially given the dark image Paxman paints when he frames questions and introduces people he doesn't approve of. (aka as Conservatives.)

I think the Blog - freedom of speech - libel thing is going to get hot soon. NuLabour don't see Bloggers as their friends, which means somebody will get the Gilligan Sexed up Dossier treatment soon.

(No spell check yet, on my PDA will tidy up tomorrow- my apologies.)


Check out this post from Ministry of Truth. His analysis looks impressive and insightful. Wonder if will read it ?

Also another post from Ministry of Truth on the BBC's Mason having another go to paint bloggers in the public mind on this.


ziz said...

Maybe a turning point two bloggers on Newsnight, the hapless Ian Dale and the guy from Nuclear Spin.

Perhaps the MSM will start to sit up and take notice.

I thought Nuclear spin was good although I cannot accept his lame arguments - nuclear power is unsafe - yes so is driving around in a car which kills thousands weekly worldwide.

Dale, well he looked shifty , no suprise the voters turned him down. Came over as a bit of a sad wanker.

Man in a Shed said...

If you check his web site you'll see he states the interview had key parts edited out. ( Lesson here is never go on Newsnight unless its live ).

I'm a fan of Iain Dale - its hard to do well on TV - remeber Wilson doing his pound in the pocket thing ?

And I'm very glad the BBC and professional journalists can't decide what we should know any more.

Ellee Seymour said...

It would be different if the boot was on the other foot.

Iain seemed defensive to me, slightly uncomfortable, but he stuck to his guns the whole time.