Monday, July 17, 2006

More everyday horror in Iraq

See the BBC article here on today's latest attack in Iraq. At least 42 people have been killed and 60 injured in an attack on a market in the town of Mahmoudiya south of Baghdad, police have said ....

Its worth reflect that this is happening all the time and that much of the hatred comes from sectarian religious divides.

I could spend time listing the last weeks bad news on Iraqi killing Iraqi - but that news just washes through our minds.

This is some of the context that the wider middle east finds itself in - and we so quickly forget ( or at least I find myself doing so ).

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ContraTory said...

The Bush and Blair administrations have made a pig's ear out of the reconstruction of Iraq following the War. All they have done is to make that country ripe for take-over by the Mullahs. What a complete disaster.

Far worse, is that having been misled concerning the threat posed by Saddam and the need for War, amongst our political class and population generally there is a general feeling of resistance to the idea of pre-emptive action even though now we are faced by Iran and North Korea, nations that do have the resolve to blow us to Hell had they the ability.