Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Commuting from different countries

Man in a Shed commutes down the garden every day 100 ft - ( return via slightly different route so as not to wear the grass out) - on a rough day he has to walk the kids to school ( or drive if they get their whinging right ).

People who commute for the weekend are something else ! See this BBC article.

I bet few have children.

By the way the shed has air conditioning - to cope with the global warming being created by my fellow commuters.

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Alfie said...

a 100 ft! Gosh, that is a long way. Me and the missus have our office in the conservatory stuck on the side of our house. The whole journey to work from our bed is about 30 ft - but like you, we try and vary our route so as not to wear out the stair carpet..... Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, we tread on odd numbered stairs..... the rest of the time it's evens.

Now, the only thing we have to try and cure is the 120 degree heat in our glass office box.....