Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More bombs from people who hope for even greater carnage

Just seen the news on the bombs going of in Mumbai. The rail system is so crowded there its hard to see how this can have been anything else than horrific. There are reports of at least one of the bombs going off in a railway carriage.

Its worth reflecting on the aims of the people who do this - in India they are hoping to provoke even greater violence, suffering and death. It must be almost certain that they are religiously motivated, yet they defile God's creation with such evil acts. It always strikes me as odd that these people never see that they are being used, and perhaps by whom they are being used.

Just over two years ago I was in Mumbai on business and walked up to the gate of India and back. It was a mistake as you are virtually mobbed by beggars. However, I was very stuck by one little determined girl who could hold a full conversation in English - yet still needed to beg. A week latter a bomb went of at that site and who knows the fate of that young girl. The thugs who planted that bomb in the taxi didn't care.

Lets see which group is responsible for this.

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Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, it is the innocent who suffer most tragically.