Monday, July 10, 2006

The first afterburner of Summer

A military jet just shot over the shed, with what sounded like his afterburner joining on and of. Looked like one of the Russian aircraft (MIG 29M ?)- but I didn't get a good look at it as it dodged in and out of the cloud cover. However he was off target for Farnborough - lets hope he landed before burning up all of his fuel. He's at least a week early !

It'll be another 2 years before Boy in a Shed gets to go - as he often doesn't like loud noises !


Further proof of Summer - as if you needed it -here - the raspberries are out and Man in a Shed is in a battle with Daughter who must be obeyed to eat them as they ripen. ( Man in a Shed could also do with some advice on dealing with the local squirrels who are eating all his walnuts before they can mature.)

Further update/confirmation:

Looks like I got the ID right ( not bad as it was on the horizon just going into cloud when I saw it ). Flight report the Mig29 as a early arrival at Farnborough.

CNN's report here ...

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