Thursday, June 22, 2006

You won't get Trident in the independent kingdom of Fife

It subliminal message time from Gordon Brown. Normally he avoids telling anyone unpleasant news - like I've spent your pension on unreformed public services, but at least there a few more BMW's in the hospital/IT consultants car park eh ?

So as Nick Robinson asks what he up to ? I think Nicks idea that its the orderly transition is possibly true - except there is no need for an orderly transition. In the UK governments change over night. The orderly transition idea is a Blairite ploy to either tie Gordon Browns hands when he takes over or to put the Wayne Rooney of the Cabinet on the throne ( that boy Miliband ) IMHO.

So why rub the lefts nose in the Trident issue ? Well my guess is that most people know that an independent Scotland won't be a nuclear power ( if they get rid of civil Nuclear power they may not be able to keep the lights on in Princess Street - let alone threaten nuclear destruction over much of the world ). Its something you need Britain for. Even a successor English state might decide enough is enough and abandon the nuclear fireworks.

No Nukes => no security council seat => no respect and the French running Europe, up until a some unknown state gets its act together to threaten Nuclear war, when of course the French will cave. ( Ok I know that sounds wild - but having Nuclear Weapons is about dealing with possible wild situation that you haven't yet foreseen when you built them ).

So its the Britain is good - I'm from Britain - I want to be prime minister of Britain and am even willing to watch England in the World Cup if I have to - approach from Brown.


ContraTory said...

The link was wrong, but I think you got a mention in The Times on Saturday. Fame at last...

Man in a Shed said...

Thanks for the heads up- I was in a field in Derbyshire camping, so would have missed it. I spotted an News International IP address incoming on Friday from the Technorati search - but I suspect whatever they said was edited down ( including the missing '.' to fit ).

Still its fame not infamy as the incoming interest was from a search. That's my 15 mins up, what to do with the rest of life ?