Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Mr Hughes - the break up of the United Kingdom is very much in question

The Liberal Democrats seem to forget their part in destabilising the United Kingdom. They pushed for devolution in Scotland and Wales, and have been rewarded by ministerial posts in Scotland and for a while in Wales.

Its not a matter of handing power down to the English, but rather removing the eager fingers of the devolved Celtic nations from the leavers of power in England. Powers that they now deny the English in their nations. Its not localism - its natural justice for a nation - aka nationalism.

Also the break up of the United Kingdom is very much on the agenda - just ask the SNP. Remember Scottish devolution was essentially a ploy to kill off Scottish nationalism. It may even become the case that the English want to leave.

I'm still very much in favour of the Union surviving, but the three main political parties will have to start being more open and realistic in their approaches to England. To often in the past they have tried to keep England quiet.

For this reason I hope the Lib Dem proposals for devolution are at the top end of their game. But the signs aren't good, note Simon Hughes says devolution in England - not of. Looks like the old Balkanisation ploy with a new paint job, and an excuse for proportional voting to get the number of Lib Dems professional politicians up. Hope you prove me wrong Simon.

From Lib Dem News story:

New constitutional settlement must benefit whole of UK - Hughes
20 June 2006

Responding to the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee report into the 'West Lothian' question, Liberal Democrat Shadow Constitutional Affairs Secretary, Simon Hughes MP said:

"Liberal Democrats agree that devolution so far is work in progress and unfinished business. Much greater power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been part of our campaign for years. However, we must now concentrate on handing down power to people in England as well. The new constitutional settlement must work not just for England, but the whole of the UK.

"The break-up of the UK is out of the question. By next year we will come forward with proposals for serious devolution in England. There is also a strong case for parliamentary constituencies across the UK mainland to have the same population. We will not let this issue go away."

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