Friday, June 16, 2006

Where on the road to Damascus did Blair have his conversion ?

When NuLabour got in I used to argue that you couldn't trust Blair as I had never seen an adequate explanation for how someone who belonged to CND could move to supporting the deployment and use of those weapons in government. (And that's just one of the old chalk and cheese differences between the old Labour party and NuLabour - and of course the conservative party that opposed old Labour.)

Yes you can change your mind - but you need to explain how it came about and why.

People accuse Blair of just telling people what they want to hear. In my view he's gone further in doing what he thinks people want him to do - at least in the first half of his premiership.

This would make him a very flawed person and someone unsuitable to be a national leader.

Update - was just browsing Not Little England ( so he's outside Pembrokshire then ? ;-) ) and found this. Its not quite my point but its not to far off:

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Anonymous said...

Weird, had never heard of "little england in Wales" before, I thank you for enlightening me.

I do like that "we told you so" thing. Took 8 years for it to get that way, but still. He's got to go, even New Labour types are beginning to see that now.