Friday, June 16, 2006

Found out

I knew the day would come. Her in Doors has just discovered I have a Blog - so its the end of anonymity for me. Lets hope she doesn't find out that the BBC digital service is carrying live Tennis as well as the World cup ! There are some secrets a man should keep to himself. Mind you there always the fall back position of hiding the remote control :-).

News of my Blogging activities will spread like wildfire. I'll give you an idea of how fast this could be;

When I asked her to marry me and gave her some time to think it over I took her to the airport and we agreed to keep it quiet till we met again in a few weeks.

I told - no-one.
She told - the people sitting next to her on the airplane, the person next to her in the coach from Edinburgh to Aberdeen ( aircraft had to learn there due to snow ), people she shard a taxi with, her neighbour downstairs, some of her friends in church and a fair number of her workmates - ie most of Northern Scotland would know in about 2 days.

This is going to leading to a lot of questions eg:
1) What is a blog ?
2) What's a blog search engine ?
3) Are you sure you're doing work all day in that Shed ?

Wait till she discovers the Blogsphere is at least as good a read as "Good House Keeping", by the way why is Jerry Hall always in GH ? Not that I read it - cough cough. Anyway I digress, I'll have to buy her another computer just to get near the laptop. Could be for Christmas... mmm.. and I need a high spec test machine for the business - this could work out :-)

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