Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So what's happened to Nick Robinson's RSS FEED ?

As ever it a good idea to keep a close eye on the BBC Politics reporting. So I thought its time to follow Nick Robinson a bit more carefully.

During the local elections I could never get his RSS feed to update. You could see him in the studio typing away - but nothing came out unless, perhaps, you were on the BBC web site.

Nick got a lot of stick over the Prescott affair ( why doesn't that term get used much ) and was a little chastened, in my view, by time of the local elections.

I do feel a bit of sympathy with his position as a BBC commentator with the emerging Blogsphere, as he's like the first generation of GPs to be presented with patients who looked their diagnosis up on the internet. His analysis is going to have to be insightful, fresh and - unless he wants a savaging from the right Blogsphere - lacking the instinctive BBC left wing bias.

Lets see how he does - if he can fix his RSS feed.

Update - no update:Still no fix for the RSS feed Nick. I sent in a email to your technical people yesterday - as I guess you don't do this yourself - like the rest of us have to. Perhaps the BBC's ignor right winger filter has me in the trash already ....

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