Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FTSE goes south with Man in a Shed's money

Suddenly there's a lot of economic gloom about. It only seems like last week when we had a Scottish Labour MP avoiding answering any questions on the West Lothian question on Newsnight by just ranting about how good Gordon Brown had been for the economy.

Man in a Shed has done well with his small share portfolio over the last 3 years, but some of the shine is coming off it now ! He sold on the first drop, but then decided to buy back in. This is an area were hindsight is wonderful - but you just have to take your view and act on it. Still that's the nature of the game.

But on a Britain specific viewpoint I think the article by Niall Ferguson in the Sunday Telegraph last week needs to be more closely looked at. We are carrying an increasing large public sector and may be very unstable in the rough weather approaching. David Cameron would do well to put down markers on Labour's economic mistakes now - so they look insightful rather than giving them when the storm hits.

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