Thursday, September 15, 2016

Comment is over

Its been noticeable for a while that the Daily telegraph has been cutting back on the comments it allows, and now has pretty much given up on them. ( Instead simple polls are offered, perhaps to allow the DT to profile its readership more accurately).

Damian Thompson write a charming attack on the "underpant" comment warriors, using the sort of vitriol he normally reserves for the Church of England.

Of course the professional journalists never liked the access to publishing the internet has brought, and for understandable reasons resent those who do for free what they need to be paid for. They have never liked the whole blog thing - and despair of those who repute their articles and use twitter.

Also the establishment is seriously spooked by the refusal of much the unwashed to do what they are dam well told on things like Brexit.

Clearly they all would like the ability for networks to form outside their control to stop and for the MSM gatekeepers on knowledge, news and the official truth to be restored to power.

Well its unlikely to happen, unless there's a whole lot of oppressive legislation coming. Now the EU has some of that on the way and Europol looks like it will enforce it.

But we are going to be out of that aren't we ?

What all this means, baring any crackdowns, is that blogs may have their second time in the sun. ( No pun intended Mr Murdoch ).

I'd better get back to work...

PS What on earth is being done to the Daily Telegraph - are they deliberately trying to go out of business ?

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