Friday, February 19, 2016

Tim's dilema and the courage of leaving your party when you know it is wrong and immoral to stay

Just back from a few days in France, so I only saw this story flash past me on my phone - and even then I cheered.

Tim Mongomerie, one of the most important Conservative activists over the last decade, and a highly moral man can take no more of David Cameron's approach to the EU.

Tim has made major contributions to English and British politics though the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Centre for Social Justice, and founding the Conservative home web site.

But he's quit the party over Cameron and the EU. It's best to read his own words in the Times ( behind the paywall ) - which are reported widely ( Guido, The Guardian,  Daily Mail ), but never in full, in the media elsewhere.

I just wanted to add I know how traumatic leaving your political party can be. Like Mr Montgomerie it was Mrs Thatcher that brought me into the Conservative party in my youth and I struggled for many years under the misapprehension that her views, and honesty, were ones the leadership and representatives of the Conservative party shared. ( The activists are of course another matter and far too many of them have allowed themselves to be mislead by the liberal elite now in control of their party. )

Peter Hitchen's is a little harsh on this point ( here ) , though I have to admit I've gone from disagreeing with him to conceding his point on the Conservative party. But its better to welcome the repentant than chastise them.

When you leave your party of over two decades you find yourself out in the open. Not subconsciously taking your queue from your party, but having to make up your own mind.

I purposely gave myself a year before allowing myself to join another party ( turned out to be UKIP ).

Then there's the social side you have cut yourself off from and the knowledge that the road is going to be long, hard and rocky.

It will be harder for Tim as much of his professional life is tied up with the Conservative party.

But in the end if more people don't do what Tim has done then the likes of Cameron and whomever his sponsors are will have won.

So well done Tim - I hope he has raised the question in other Conservative minds who know in their hearts that their party left them years ago and now treats them with nothing by naked contempt.

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