Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Tory Eurosceptics need to raise their game and perhaps be more collegate

Well today didn't go well.

Cameron, who no doubt has a media board full of announcements and fear inducing lies and smears, has dominated his former friends today.

Gove made a school boy error in attacking the legality of the no entity deal Cameron claims has changed everything and we all know isn't worth the paper its written on.

Who cares if it gets implemented - its useless anyway ! Its purpose is to distract the debate from the EU superstate supporters weak points.

Gove might be technically right - but we already know the anti-UK campaign will just lie to the camera and microphone. They don't care and have no moral compass . What he's done is make a worthless deal look like something worth arguing the technicalities of.

The underlying problem is that those who have been loyal to the government till recently need to understand it plans to destroy them and our country.

Its time to tool up and start stabbing at the heart of the EU superstate campaign.

The Tory eurosceptic minister need a bit of humility and to tie in with the Leave campaign. They could do a good start by forcing The Leave campaign to talk seriously to all the others.

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