Monday, February 22, 2016

The facts of life are catching up on the Conservative party

Things are turning nasty. Cameron ( anyone in a rich bank or international body like the EU have a job going for this still young man when he steps down after having no more interest in politics ? ) has turned on Boris.

Maquess of Queensbury rules aren't in play here. Bris vs Cameron is looking like a blood sport.

The shield of waiting for Cameron's fake renegotiation - the only role of which seems to be to help people forget what he originally said he wanted and that he promised to campaign for out if he didn't get it  - has gone.

Conservatives are going to start politely, but the gloves will come off when very quickly.

After all it the very existence of the nation that's at stake.

Cameron and the bankers backing the EU superstate vs those who love their country and value its democracy and sovereignty, which includes the majority of the Conservative party.

There's no way this ends well for the Conservative party.

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