Thursday, September 10, 2015

The BBC needs to get over the Labour leadership contest.

Now I know all those left wing bigots at the BBC are very anxious about about the Labour party leadership election, but they need to try and hide their concern and bias a bit better than they have managed today.
After all they need to con the Conservatives into renewing their charter....


Jim said...

Can you imagine the BBCs coverage of a Tory party leadership race (or UKIP for that matter) where one of the candidates was a borderline BNP/EDL type, who had spent the last 30 years consorting with every white racist nutter going? Do you think such a candidate would get the same relatively measured coverage that Corbyn has received from the Beeb? Not only would they be gunning for the candidate him or herself, they would be crucifying the party involved for having such a candidate as a leadership candidate.

Man in a Shed said...

The truth is the BBC is a left wing media monopoly.

Cameron / Osborne have the ability to do something about it - but they won't as the BBC is too useful for keeping the UK tied to the EU .