Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Run up debt then campaign against Austerity - the left's new plan ?

Capitalism works so well as you can use your capital as security against borrowing and, by using your advantage, make a return greater than the agreed interest.

Countries that make capitalism work best have a good rule of law and clear property rights.

But we are approaching a problem as shown by Greece ( and really many other European countries ).

Debt is run up - used to bribe voters with welfare policies, then - when austerity is demanded by this action the left campaigns against it ( using popularism again ) and demands the arbitrary confiscation of property via debt defaults.

It may be that the left has found a way to drive Capitalism of the road and create the car crash and misery they so desperately seek to justify the totalitarian measures they secretly lust after.

This process is aided by the crocodile eat me last behaviour of some of our banks and financial institutions - and governments that continue to build housing bubbles and raid pensions to provide artificial temporary boasts to GDP whilst ensuring worse debt and austerity int he future.

Yes George Osborne I'm looking in your direction.

It may be that the left has found an Achilles heal to defeat capitalism with - the peoples greed.

Events in Greece may yet impact us all.

Those who value economic and indeed personal freedom need to keep a watch on the use of the Latimer's fork of debt and austerity by the left.

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