Saturday, July 11, 2015

Is the gap now too wide to accept election results and a common government ?

There are now a number of continually warring camps in our politics and also culture.

One tends to work on the basis that the evidence of what works supports their position ( primarily the right of centre / conservative view ) and the other that everything must be changed and manipulated to compel everyone to act in the way that it wishes ( the left and socially liberal group - though it should be noted that in many ways social liberalism is really just the route by which the left weakens societies institutions to achieve its primary aim ).

In democracies we assume that both sides will have their turn in government, but since the left is better at the art of deceit with its march though the institutions and is now threatening everything people hold dear such as their families, marriages and how their children are brought up you have to wonder if this settlement of taking turns can last.

perhaps it will soon be totally unacceptable for 49% to be ruled by 51% - even if the 49% think their turn may come. ( Yes I know with modern democracy the participation levels are far lower overall ).

In the past you would have taken a group of like minded people and taken the Mayflower to the New World.

But that option no longer exists. The planet is full, and no one is letting us off it in the near future.

So can we continue to live together ?

As nations are broken down by immigration and diversity maybe the common settlement and agreement of shred fate will be also.

It is perhaps strange that no one talks of separation. After all what would happen if say all the Socialist went to one end of the country and the conservatives went to the other end and had separate governments ?

How long can the culture wars that David Cameron started carry on before one side just wants to leave the other to its fate ?

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Jim said...

I've often thought the same. And we kind of have that situation now, with a Celtic leftist fringe, and a more rightist England. Which is why I think we should pretty much federalise the UK - let the lefty bits run things their own way, even if the English have to subsidise them for a while to start with. Then they are on their own - they can raise and spend their own taxes in the way they see fit. Its got to be better in the long run for both parties. And presumably in such a circumstance (two political systems within one culturally and linguistically homogenous area) there would be a natural flow of people towards the area that suited their political view.