Monday, April 20, 2015

Time's running out

Well we are heading for the last two weeks + of the campaign.

Things haven't gone well for Labour or the Conservatives as they haven't been able to get purchase on each other - indeed to a large extent they haven't tried.

Cameron must now be thinking about defeat - will the Conservative party really tolerate him if he doesn't deliver a majority ?

UKIP are fighting the dirty tricks squads of all sides, the inbuilt bias of the BBC and Channel 4. Also fighting hard to be heard - but take note getting better all the time.

The Conservative spin machine is trying to push the story that UKIP are on the back foot, in an attempt to make a self for filling narrative.

The media is campaigning rather than analysing. Spin is now the accepted replacement for politics - and the public switch off as a result.

You can't help but think we will be at this again in 6 months time.

PS Sorry its all a bit quiet - but I suspect you can figure out why ...

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