Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Conservtaives are deliberately misleading people over the SNP - aided by the SNP

Did you know that your MP can vote after you return them to parliament and that England has far more MPs than Scotland ?

The Conservatives are hoping you don't figure this out ans they set up their Paper MacTiger argument about the SNP driving government.

You see - say the SNP threaten not to pass a budgetary motion on defence over their no UK Trident only US Trident stance. The SNP can only derail it by Conservative MPs voting against defence and Trident. How likely is that to happen - even with the quasi Marxist Modernised Conservative party ?

But its very useful for the strategists in CCHQ to pretend the SNP could block things like Trident - if Labour wanted to put them forward.

It shows that the Conservatives have abandoned a positive honest argument for their stance and are relying on deceit. Just as they have in the past when they allow the public to think that deficit and debt are the same thing or they refuse to explain where the money is coming from for their recent bribes promises.

I imagine we are going to get Sir John Major to try and twist his 24hrs to save the Union message ( which was true - but ignored ) into a 24 hrs to save Cameron and Osborne.

Voters should tajke this attempt at manipulation and subterfuge with the bucket load of salt it deserves and ask themselves why the Conservative party no longer argues for free markets, freedom and national defence any more.


James Higham said...

Wish we could just get it over and done with now.

Man in a Shed said...

Your not kidding. I need a new pair of shoes and a weeks sleep.

Both Labour and the Conservtaives are getting increasingly desperate. I think its the thought of life long careers coming to an end that drives their madness.