Saturday, February 07, 2015

The EU has brought Europe to the brink of war

There's no hiding how bad things are getting. The EU - using soft power - effectively removed the unpleasant, but democratically elected Ukrainian govt by encouraging and perhaps fermenting revolution.

Russia was never going to sit back at let this happen, and she hasn't.

Putin has used Maskirovka to deceive the naive EU and US and crave out key parts of territory it wants. They have pushed and found the door easy to move, now they look like wanting more.

France and Germany may talk tough, but there are very real concerns about their military capability. For example it is rumoured that the German airforce is almost unserviceable.

In the UK defence cuts have weakened us to the point that we can't defend our own waters and the Russians feel emboldened enough to bring nuclear cruise missile bombers, without transponders switched on, to fly up and down the English channel.

At the same time the new reverse oil crisis has been kicked of by the Saudis ( is the US involved ? ) - this puts Russia into a use it or lose it corner.

Its hard to see how this is going to end well.

Remember all this the next time you hear the Vichy-conservative party or Lib Dems try to defend the EU-Superstate by claiming it has brought peace to Europe.

Peace in Europe has been kept by NATO - and mostly the US, with at the time a strong UK backing.

The EU has brought us to the edge of disaster....

Don't let the apologists for Brussels ever forget this.

And also let not forget that its not Labour, but David Cameron's Conservative party that has betrayed our nation like this.

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John Redwood on the EU culpability ( but he's loyaylly trying to get #CallMeDave off the hook.

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Edward Spalton said...

It was obvious that the US/EU intrusion into the affairs of Ukraine was designed to deprive Russia of effective use of its Sebastopol naval base - something which no Russian government could accept. I forecast this border change some five years ago. It's in a rather lengthy interview with a young American journalist, entitled " Germany, the EU, the Deomcratic Deficit and the Disunited Kingdom" ( so it's perhaps a bit tedious but available in the video section of )
Similarly the Western powers encouraged the same sort of Jihadists they were fighting in Afghanistan to attack Syria because Russia had a naval base there.
A few months back Cameron was in Khazakstan, proclaiming that the EU should stretch " from the Atlantic to the Urals". Quite why he should think it in Britain's interest to support the old German ambition of " Drang nach Osten" is unclear - even if it is wrapped in an EU flag.