Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are better off together !

The truth is we are more together than we are as the sum of our parts.

It has disappointed me that the positive aspects of Britain - including what the Welsh, English and Irish bring to our joint nation has been underplayed in the fascist blood and soil arguments of the SNP and the sometimes negative response of the No campaign.

For 300 years we've had each other backs and until the irresponsible disaster of devolution have had proud identities but shared values and friendships.

Its worth Scots fighting to put right what is wrong, not retreating to isolationism and the just surrendering all key aspects of their lives to the EU superstate. ( Who do you think will handle the current Scottish Banking crisis with more sympathy - Frankfurt or London ? Remember it primarily the English who have paid for and saved the Scottish banks - and without complaint ).

There will need to be some re balancing of the UK to provide the Justice that England has been denied and the likes of the Lib Dems still want to deny us with their anti-English Balkanisation policy, but that can be sorted with our famous pragmatism and some generosity.

Vote to stay, vote to stay British, vote to stay family and friends, Vote No to Alex Salmond's isolationist and separatist vision.

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