Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Letting down our forefathers

If our forefathers who had just saved the world, again, in the the 1940'sccould see the utter shambles of the defence of Britain as shown by the non entities who are Clegg, Cameron & Miliband they would weep. It is perhaps best that many of them have never lived to see this day. The betrayal of our history is almost too much to contemplate.

But tomorrow the seed of separatism and hate sowed by Labour and the Lib Dems in the 1990s may just bear the ultimate bitter fruit of separation of our nation. ( A point that most commentators don't even try to defend as they talk only of the Scottish nation ).

I understand why the SNP make their case, but not how they have been allowed to get away with such a weak and ultimately negative prospectus.

As I've already stated I'm very critical of the "No" campaign from the botched advantages seeded to Salmond to the negative combination of separatist bribes and threats.

You may have noticed that I'm an English Nationalist also, but England has a big heart. We were happy to more than share democracy with each of our fellow citizens from where ever in the UK they lived. Nobody was undeserving of help just because they were Welsh, Irish, or Scottish. But then came the betrayal of the Labour/Lib Dem separatism agenda and the anti English devolution settlement.

England will need its say now, because the UK has already separated. I fear that the same idiots who have botched the defence of the UK will sell England out with the Balkanisation program that those who think England doesn't deserve its democratic rights will push.

The wind has been sown in Scotland and tomorrow those who did it may reap the whirlwind. Many of us will suffer if that happens.

If I was Scottish I'd vote No - but then I'd want just one Parliament for all the UK. We could go back to the British settlement the English have been willing to fund with reduced democratic representation for our people and our money. But I fear the real choice tomorrow will be between Yes Now and Yes a bit latter on.

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