Monday, June 23, 2014

Snake oil 3

Lets remember that HS2 is being diverted around George Osborne's constituency in Tatton, at great cost to orgdinary tax payers.

Mind you the real damage is HS2 itself nd the billions of capital it will misallocate and the economic damage that it is certain the perform on Cities it bypasses and even those it links to London.

But the trustafarians who have made politics their hobby wanted to triangulate with wishy washy floating voters so any price [paid by the taxpayer and others in lost jobs is find for what was once the conservative party.

But now comes the final insult - HS3 for the general election. A completely nuts idea* by a deeply cynical career politician If they really cared about the North they'd push a second M6 through between Birmingham and up to Preston.

The little games of the little boys Goerge and Dave matter much more than their country or the tax payer.

If there are any Conservative party members left who are in their party for the good of our country now is the time to leave - its quite clear the political class who run the Conservative party as a sort of hobby don't deserve anyone's support.

* Do you really need me to explain why ?

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