Thursday, June 19, 2014

Be prepared for a snap referendum on the EU

The Lib Dems are flying a kite on approving an return to sovereignty referendum ( which of course by definition means being outside the EU ).

Now they have form in this area, a lot of form. There aren't many positions the Lib Dems haven't tried out on the EU Referendum over the last 5 years.

However, if the establishment isn't reassured that UKIP are going to go away soon then they will want to fire of the referendum prematurely to try to shot the UKIP fox - before UKIP becomes established as a party that represents other subjects that the political class would rather voters didn't bother them with.

In short we need to prepare for an early referendum.

After all who will have Labour, the Lib Dems canvassing info available ? You can bet that the very influential Tory Europhiles will prevent the Conservative party machine being allowed to campaign for the United Kingdom.

Only UKIP will be unified and a natural rally point for the Yes to UK Sovereignty cmapaign.

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