Sunday, May 11, 2014

Voting UKIP strengthens the Eurosceptics hand

Things are getting desperate over at Conservative HQ, as they are now trying the trust me I get it ploy.

Here's the thing; the best way to force Cameron's hand is to vote UKIP.

I bet some conservative MP's are, I know many Conservative party members are as they've told me.

It makes no difference to Cameron's ability to deliver on the EU if he has no MEPs !

But it will put enormous pressure on him and his europium CCC federalist supports if UKIP weeps board on may 22nd.

Stay calm and vote UKIP.

PS remember Cameron is reported as having so little honour he's not even planning on resigning if he losses Scotland ! The last thing he is is to be trusted. If you want anything from him you need his feet to the fire first.

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