Friday, May 23, 2014

A start

Its the morning after the local elections where UKIP have exceeded all expectations and the pundits and politicos are on TV trying to explain it all. So here's my message ( though I think Peter Oborne's one here sums up the impact of UKIP on our politics ).

UKIP is moving beyond the start, there a long way to go - which will undoubtedly involve many disappointments and a few dark nights.

But UKIP has always been a long term project.

I left the Conservatives when I realised I was just being strung along and that not only did their leadership have no intention of delivering, but that they would actual act against the interests of many of their long standing supporters.

It was a dramatic decision for someone who was a life long supporter, donor, often member. It was hard for  someone who's taken all the abuse that came with arguing for freedom in the 80s & 90s, to have to leave the party he stood with all his life. But my country, family and God come first. ( The redefinition of marriage meant that I as a Christian could stay in the Conservative party with a clear conscience any more ).

Today is the beginning of winning our country back, but I'm under no illusion how hard and brutal the fight is going to be. The frankly evil smear campaign to intimidate anyone who disagrees with the political class has been a shock.

But for evil to prosper all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.

( If you made the mistake of trusting Mr Cameron yesterday - just remember what he said to win your vote and when it all turns to rust - come and join us. You'll always be welcome.)

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