Monday, February 10, 2014

Quotas are the means of oppression

Oddly it would seem the audiences didn't mind. If including more women had made a better program then no doubt it would have happened.

The list of female comics mentioned in article in the MSM this morning aren't of the sparing variety. They are good, situationally brilliant indeed ( Vicar of Dibly, Miranda, Ad Fab etc ), but not who you'd want in your pub quiz TV team.

But the cultural Marxists can't allow people to see the difference between the sexes, it will ruin their plan to attack society, break it down and reform it in their socialist tyrannical repressive model.

So there will be quotas - and you will laugh at the jokes or your name will go down on the diversity denier list.

The women on these shows will know they are token members of the panels, included because the Marxist BBC management has issued a fatwa that people should not be allowed to see male only panels.

Equality is being enforced - freedom is being crushed and oppressed.

Its time people saw the evil that is hiding behind the word equality for what it is - oppression.

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