Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The curse of public sector state provision could be broken

I'm enjoying the Olympics as much as the next man ( and that's quite a lot ). And although I enjoyed the opening ceremony I did sigh as the false NHS worship routine carried on. My thoughts were now it will be even harder to save lives in reforming the health service in England than before. Those beds could just as easily have been filled with the before their time corpses that we know the NHS produces by the jumbo jet load each year. Let along the finical doomsday machine that the NHS has become.

That's why I was so cheered to hear this morning on Radio 4's Today program about the revolution going on at Hinchingbrooke hospital where a private company is turning the hospital around. Of course the instinctive left wing interviewer was try the angle of profit from the NHS = monstrous evil, but the over seas lady who runs the operation there was more than a match for him. As she pointed out they were saving money, improving outcomes and taking their fee into the bargain. yes they were doing some obvious stuff - but then no one in the great soviet NHS had done it before. It must be something inherent in public sector provision of public services.

We need to separate the two concepts in the voters minds.

Then perhaps we can have a real celebration.

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