Sunday, July 29, 2012

Empty seats

So it turns out its not the "evil corporations" leaving seats empty ( though notice how quick many were to assume it was the case ), but the 'Olympic Family'.

Not quite sure who they are - but the seats are empty neither the less.

The problem is they can't just let anyone in at the last minute due to security screening needs.

So here' my suggestion :

15 mins after an event starts any vacant front row seats are offered to those at the back. If someone is genuinely late they will just have to sit at the back were the rest of the twice paying ( once for the ticket - once for the tax ) public sit.

Justice and security will be served - and the TV producers will get their full front rows.

Declaration of interest: Just to say I have a vested interest here since some of my family will short be at what is laughingly called the cheap seats way ( and I mean way ) at the back.

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