Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why some on the left hate the Queen's Jubilee

If you went to an English University then you'll have had some contact with student politics. For most people they will have been bored and perhaps revolted and ignored it all., but if they looked a little further they will have been puzzled as I was with the strange lip service paid to democracy - when turn outs at elections were so low.

Every post had to be elected, even if almost no one voted. That person would then be anointed by democracy and needed to be respected and looked up to.

And how the left loved the offices they were elected to.

This sense of entitlement has now spread to their hatred of the various offices they can't obtain by playing the low turnout lie infested game of pretend democracy - currently that means the house of Lords and the monarchy.

Various sour faced lefties have been trying to smear the Jubilee as they want one of their student politician friends to be worship as supreme leader and to be able to pretend that they command the loyalty of the country. So we've had that most disgraceful of politicians John Prescott ( who if the Labour party wasn't just an association of stinking hypocrites would have been thrown out of his party years ago ) trying to pick a fight on a small detail and using the Labour party smear machine to get his associates in the state funded media to play along ( or the BBC as they are known ).

The left really hate the monarchy as it doesn't stroke their egos the same way that being elected El Presidente after years climbing the greasy pole does.

And that's why we should all love the Queen and try to love Prince Charles ( it'll take some effort on my part ). They save us from President Prescott.

Twenty years ago we all understood this by instinct. Every the foreign office played along as this example from the window of our embassy in East Berlin shows.  We also knew it was a great way to wind up lefties.

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