Sunday, June 10, 2012

Languages at seven - the madness continues

A GCSE in a foreign language is almost worthless.

And yet our govt wants kids to be mistaught a foreign language from the age of seven. ( Yes mistaught - as in most primary schools none of the teachers can speak any foreign language, yet alone teach it to the whole school. )

This is one of Gove's worse ideas.

Getting basic numeracy and reading/writing skills should be top priority at these ages.


Anonymous said...

As kids start school at 3 or 4 these days (usually called pre-school) they should have basic literacy and numeracy by the time they are 7 (I had and I wasn't *allowed* - under Attlee's government - to start school until the week I turned 5). So if modern kids don't have basic literacy and numeracy what on earth has all the billions spent on Education done for them? The earlier one starts to learn a foreign language the better.

James Higham said...

It's ever been the way in the UK.