Monday, May 07, 2012

Minimum change

Those critics of David Cameron and the Coalition in the Conservative party have tried their best over the last few days to get a hearing. The bad news for them is that Cameron thinks he has a public relations problem - and a bad attack of disloyalty ( which he will no doubt seek to sort out later ).

He's promising to work harder, refocus and not be swayed to the left or the right. Some of the stuff like making the traditional definition of marriage illegal and house of lords jobs for the Lib Dem boys scheme are delayed but not shelved ( already those who have the ear of government ministers who helped create this mess in the first place are busy whispering about not doing U turns ).

There's also some sort of relaunch in the offing.

Time to face up to the truth - Cameron's not going to start acting like a Conservative for any prolonged period. Time to consider your position folks.

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agricultural investments said...

Boris for next Tory leader! A dynamic chap who seems to appeal to peoples' desire for an outsider. Plus, winning in a Labour stronghold like London shows he's a proven vote getter