Monday, April 30, 2012

So how bad in Thursday going to be for Team Cameron ?

The hostile press is piling into Cameron, and that's just in the Telegraph. Over at Conservative Home they are trying to suggest a truce with the Heathite wing of the party, fearing perhaps they have gone too far.

But the voters have turned.

Many like me a frankly bloody furious about Cameron attack on marriage and jack booted imposition of the metropolitan elites dinner party morality to destroy my marriage by their current changing of the meaning of the word - i.e. its redefinition. The Coalition for Marriage thinks this may cost the party 30 seats at a general election.

There a near constant stream of defections from the Conservatives to UKIP. Many more people will just refuse to vote Conservative on Thursday.

Boris is lucky to be facing Ken, because a donkey with a Labour rosette would win in London - its only the fierce hostility to Livingston that gives Boris his main chance.

What will the impact on Cameron's close circle of old friends be of Thursday ?

If past performance is any indication - he'll just march on or say some PR stuff.

It really is time to start thinking long term ( code for join UKIP)  - accept the Cameron/Heathite disaster for what it is. Realise the utter horror of Red-Eds elevation to PM and start planning the fight back.

Poll now closed.

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