Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Labour need to face up to just how bad Ed Miliband is

Just watched Ed Miliband walk straight into the eager left wing sixth former elephant trap laid out for him by George Osborne on the 50p tax rate.

What's worse, for Labour, is how he did it. He seemed to think he was addressing the young fabians - not parliament and the nation. All the old class war type calls were in there - but he seemed oblivious to the fact that the messages he was putting out were putting of the voters his party - if it had any sense - should target.

Labour lack all credibility on financial matters. ( That's what wrecking a top world economy in 13 years does for your reputation. ) Ed should have sounded humble, agreed with a few points but tacked Osborne on growth.

Instead we got the I'm standing to be president of the student Labour club address.

I've seen some tweets from normally sane Labour people praising young RedEd's performance - they must have their fingers crossed as they type. ( Which is surprisingly difficult as I've just tried it. )

Surely they realise he has to go don't they ?

PS At least two items from my budget wish list ( neither of which I will personally benefit from ), and a few other things that I will ( esp tax threshold increase ). So I'm broadly happy - but would like to see the state rolled back faster.

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