Friday, March 23, 2012

Being shackled to the Lib Dems makes progress slow to impossible

The publicity for the budget has been fairly bad.

The measures half hearted - ( why will a reduction to 45p reduce tax avoidance ?). The reduction in pensioners tax reliefs again half hearted, as it is (as ever) only future pensioners who pay for all this - despite all the self justified angry Grannies claiming to have paid in and have earned everything they get ( clearly not the case as the national debt and economic debt levels show ).

The deck chairs have been rearranged, and to be fair the pattern is better than before, but the economy is still holed below the water line and more water is coming in than is being pumped out. The key here is to cut the weight of the state, but still this is only half hearted.

It may be its impossible to save the UK economy when you're shackled to the dead weight of the Lib Dems, but who really cares about excuses ?

The rating agencies are right to warn and they haven't found a hearing in Whitehall yet. The consequences could be grim.

PS I hear that Labour is cutting the NHS in Wales quite dramatically - how come we never hear about that in the MSM ( especially BBC ).

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly the better off pensioners like me (just call me smug) who already forfeit the age allowance but don't pay the 40% rate will benefit very nicely from George's (or is it Cleggy's) increase in the normal tax allowance. It is the strugglers who pay the 20% rate but do not forfeit the age allowance who lose out. Its once again the poor who get the blame! Typical Tories!