Monday, March 12, 2012

The cross as euro-sausage

Call me a cynic but I am highly suspicious of this campaign by the government to remove the right to ware a cross at work on the grounds that it is not actually required by the Christian religion ( a point that is true by the way ).

How long before Eric Pickles or some other govt minister sweeps in to say they'll re-write the law here ( a la council prayers ) ?

This will be the dog whistle to the Christian community the Coalition is busy stabbing between the should blades with its plans to abolish marriage and recast it in whatever form the elected dictatorship ( controlled by the metropolitan elite ) deems fit on the day.

CCHQ must by now realise the hornets nest they have stirred up - but the metropolitan elite want to reorder society in their own image and don'#t want to be stopped. Hence a small concession on something that is a minor issue whilst the traditions of man kind since the beginning of time are raped by the Notting Hill set.

Its just a variation on the classic euro-sausage ploy.

Update: As if by magic - here we have the govt's next move made the day after this post.

PS See below - just in case somehow you missed it.

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