Friday, February 03, 2012

Roll up roll up for the great Lib Dem hypocrisy feast !

The Lib Dems are hated by all the other parties, but not for their politics ( though much of that is objectionable ). No the Lib Dems are hated for their hypocrisy.

Chris Huhne is the high priest of nasty the nasty cult of Lib Demery.

So the cheer from the whole country when he was charged with lying is still echoing around the drinking holes of Westminster.

All cheer but one - Nick Clegg.

Cleggy hates Huhne, but is scared witless by him. Hence we have more L:ib Dem hypocrisy as Clegg claims he can't wait to get Huhne back in the cabinet. ( Maybe Clegg should do 5 years for that porkie himself ).

This is just going to get better and better - for all those who aren't paid up members of the Janus Party.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I roll up twenty times a day or so, today is nothing special.