Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The lynching of Fred Goodwin

He committed no crime and was not disbarred as a director. Many have done worse than him.

Yes he's a disgrace, but then so are most of the current shadow cabinet who shared in Capt. Brown streaming on the UK onto the rocks ( though Capt. Brown has disappeared - gone in an early life boat to follow Blair onto the cash making circuit ).

This is all backfiring a little on #RedEd, but then he's just leader of the opposition and no one expects him to be grown up anyway.

This looks worse for David Cameron who is shown throwing a body to the pursuing wolves in the hope of saving his own popularity.

The press may have enjoyed the lynching, but the mob has got the taste for blood now and will want feeding again soon.

Update: Goodwin backlash: no need for Westminster lynch mob

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Anonymous said...

Bit over the top. Mr goodwin has only lost a meaningless title, not his livelihood, his freedom, his life or even his wife. Thrown to the mob or to the wolves is not a true description of events. A slap on the wrist might be.