Sunday, December 04, 2011

This looks like required watching

Now I know Robert Peston isn't everyone's cup of tea - but the idea behind this BBC program looks like its worth a watch.

See The Party's Over: How the West Went Bust tonight at 7PM.

The BBC seem to be making some, belated, effort to convey economic reality to the country ( a sure sign of how desperate things are ) - as this follows Nick Robinson's interesting series on public spending and Evan Davis the UK economy.

I think this in part helps explain why the earth hasn't opened beneath George Osborne - the public is sobering up from Labour reckless debt fuelled binge of irresponsibility.


Part of the way through Peston's first episode and I think I see where the BBC is going with all this. Its free markets that are to blame - not the every increasing expansion of the state. All Reagan & Thatcher's fault - very predictable ( but I suppose I didn't), very left wing.

I suspect it may also become the BBC's received view on things very quickly.

It is very important that those of us on the right refute this sort of sixth form socialist groupie half baked analysis.

I see Will Hutton giving the professional left wing failures view on things. As its the BBC he's just an expert - no hint of his political ideology is given though conversely ideology (evil) is ascribed to those on the right.


Elby the Beserk said...

Started to watch it but two minutes of crashing music as a background led me to switch it off. Why is that that the BBC cannot leave anything alone any more; either intrusive music which makes it hard for older people to hear properly, else if a documentary, to make up for our apparent lack of imagination, we have to have re-enactments going on in the background. I guess people can no longer sit still long enough to hear a tale told plainly.

James Higham said...

Peston or Preston?

Man in a Shed said...

Peston it is - or whatever his Common Purpose frat name is.

That episode took me back to when I first heard Paul Mason try to explain how all bad economic events happened under Conservative governments a few years back ( something of such breath taking chutzpah that no one could have got away with it 10 years earlier whilst memories of the Wilson/Callaghan governments were fresh ).

I fear the left will try their narrative retelling ploy again, this time against free markets.

There was a lot of the usual BBC tricks in play ( American's show as cheerleaders and grid iron players ). Lots of talk and pictures of Thatcher & Reagan, few of the Labour criminals who created the debt disaster. Also there was no acknowledgement that the last government did very well by taxing the debt bubble and only lip service to their failure to investigate and regulate.

It is very important that the left's attempt to use this as a beneficial crisis that they created to attack capitalism is recognised for what it is and countered.