Saturday, December 03, 2011

Shed love

The men in sheds thing is moving forwards, perhaps in part fuelled by the success of the Aussie inspired Movember thing - combined with the idea that men's health is better served by sheds where men can tinker rather than being nagged by health professionals / wives idea. Just another thing that we can also thank those who used to good a cricket for.

The Daily Telegraph is going shed nuts right now - key articles:
And let us not forget the keepers of the sacred Shed fire ( two words that perhaps need more separation ) Uncle Wilco (Readersheds - my shed was in here somewhere but lost my password years ago ) and Alex (Shedworking & in who's book this author's humble shed features ).

MiaS is happy to recommend sheds to all owners of a Y chromosomes - even socialists ( pretty sure George Orwell had one once ), if the can get over the private property hurdle thing.

If you're not planning a Shed yet - its time to start thinking about it.

Remember thanks to the shed movement you can sell this idea to her indoors by explaining it as a men's health thing. There has to be a article in Good Housekeeping somewhere which you could use - they love all that "Men are useless about talking about health and their problems" & "how to get your man to the Doctor" type of thing. Tell her is the latest thing in men's health ( it is - but your probably not about to form your own tinkering collective, but by the time that's been figured out you'll already have established the facts on the ground - or the corner of the garden at least. )

Remember Christmas is coming up ....

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