Friday, November 11, 2011

French planning Vichy Europe

Having installed Quislings in Greece and any second now Italy the new inner Europe axis powers and getting ready to demand every one else surrenders also. ( Nicholas demonstrates the French national dance on the right - its easy just give up all your sovereignty, money and self respect - there's cheese in it you know - the Germans are paying ... ).

The new line to whip the remaining free countries in Europe is to threaten the inner axis ( started with the sinister Frankfurt group* recently - we have no pictures of the event, but it must have been something like the picture below).

Expect very shortly the usual suspects ( Peter Oborne's Guilty Men ) to start bleating on the radio and TV that we have no choice but to be in the Axis powers, and it would be a disaster if we had to trade with a group of countries where we import far more than we export to due to out weak position - hang on a minute ....

Those who have sold their souls to Brussels will shortly be trying to sell their country again. My guess is it'll be on the radio by Monday morning as we are told we can't repatriate any powers and must let a new treaty go through without a referendum due to the world wide emergency the EU bloody minded incompetence has created.

(Below) New EU Treaty getting signed.

* Yes I know the Frankfurt group is used to refer to a very nasty brand of left wing political thinking also.

Update: The unsubtle truth from the leading nation in the Fourth Reich ( H/T White Wednesday )


DerekP said...

I'll have you know that as soon as the Nazis occupied Paris the French were out there bravely overcharging for every glass of wine, plate of cheese or night with a woman/man.

And when it came to rounding up Jews the French made great efforts to match the Nazis, efforts which still aren't reconized enough today. If only the English had kept out of it, as the French desired, we could have seen what the French can really do.

Elby the Beserk said...

One Frankfurt group is more than enough. Two is fucking pushing it.

Woman on a Raft said...

Thank you for the links.