Friday, November 25, 2011

BBC 'impartiality' on display again

Now I know some of us bang on about this a lot, and every so often we catch the BBC our with surveys like the BBC staff self identifying their political leanings through facebook. ( Which has lead to BBC issuing advice to its staff to be more careful about revealing the in built political bias of the staff who work there.)

But here's another strong whiff of smoke from the BBC impartiality gun.
Climategate 2.0 has given us an email of a BBC journalist explaining his allegiance to the AGW cause .. see the most excellent Watt's up with That blog post here. It shows a BBC journalist describing those who question the Warmist religion as Loonies and that they only occasionally allow one of their points through as they have to. But really they know they are talking through their hats. ( Just like the BBC knew the eurosceptics were insane to question the wonderful Euro of course. )

However I do wonder if some in the BBC aren't trying a little harder these days. There was at least the bird blender Panorama exposé and Nick Robinson's series on how govt spends our money ( though I must admit I haven't watched any of it yet, and lets face it they are probably trying to build up their case for continuing after the next licence fee review and charter review which must now be on their radar if - horror of horrors - Labour aren't in power to protect them ).

I suspect the BBC knows its under pressure here, as it knows the charge sheet against it mostly rings true and they suspect they won't be able to get away with their Guardian world view for ever.

Further: Today the BBC has its loyal spin on the discovery that the climate is less sensitive to CO2 than thought. Yes the bit of research is reported by its swamped in warmist caveats, but never is the explanation that the case for damaging man made global warming relies on other unproven feedbacks. They just can't help themselves.

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DerekP said...

"They just can't help themselves."

...except for helping themselves to vast amounts from the licence fee, the snouties!