Thursday, September 29, 2011

The solution that dare not speak its name

Its time for the Radio 4 Today program panic about social mobility again.

Guess what ? All the fixes, fiddles and plain bodges to get children who's education has failed at state schools into top Universities isn't fitting the targets which have been dreamed up.

They'll try anything - scholarships ( free money for some people taken from others ), summer schools, putting out information that a half consious monkey could figure out for themselves on A levels required. But it not working.

The system has failed since - the Grammar school ruled.

But we must not have selective education !

But of course we already do. Almost every secondary school will stream, and yet the monster comprehensives aren't achieving the same results with their top streams. Why ?

The answer has to to do with wider issues that you get when your in a school with people of similar capability, but not just in a class of them.

Because of the stranglehold the BBC and Guardian have on the windpipe of English education this question will never get asked.

And ugly of class warfare will be called upon instead.


Paul Masters said...

Binging back grammar schools is not a magic answer to the sorry state of tax-payer funded education. Being an ex-secondary modern school boy from the sixties, I know that all state education was much better back then.
Nowadays, children are too passive. They watch far too much TV, play far too many computer games and are “assisted” far too much by electronic devices in their classrooms. This may make life easier for teachers who have sadly lost their authority, but it also explains why today’s school leavers can leave with more qualifications yet lower IQs than my generation.
Grammar schools are not a substitute for encouraging proper discipline alongside a better work ethic. The best education system in the world fails when those within it possess an entitlement attitude.
PS I am less convinced by your arguments on education when your English has so many mistakes... are you just too busy to check?

Man in a Shed said...

I'm afraid the quality of English is unlikely to improve here. You must make up your own mind as to which arguments have merit.